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Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums MarchingUnion County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Marching

Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Plays and the NJPAC Center

Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Perform at the NJ PAC

Our instructor John Bradley is playing at the Metro Cup!

Congrats Johnny B!

Pipe Major Ed Donnelly

The Union County Police and Fire Pipes & Drums was formed in March, 2001.

The majority of the band is comprised of
Union County Police Officers and Fire-Fighters proud to display their Irish heritage.

The band is available for parades and your private affairs,
from a solo piper/drummer to the entire band.
Please e-mail the band for further information.



Celebrating partnerships that result in sustainable.

Celebrating partnerships that result in sustainable, managed HIV/AIDS response initiatives locally Mary Fanning, South Africa’s country coordinator for PEPFAR, writes in a fresh Age group guest column, In the fight against HIV/AIDS, this is a time of hope. It’s also a time to celebrate the partnerships that are advancing this function and to recommit to an idea to ensure prevention, treatment and care for those infected and affected is definitely sustainable and locally maintained, adding, Ultimately, be it putting more people on treatment, assisting HIV testing campaigns or leveraging mass media to drive the avoidance message, the partnership between your U sildalis .S. And South African governments saves lives. Continue reading

Cell phones excite the mind but is that poor or good?

More than 500 million of the are a type that emits electromagnetic areas referred to as Global Program for Portable communications or GSM radio mobile phones and their possible results on the mind are unclear and controversial. Related StoriesMelatonin and the circadian rhythm: an interview with Professor Kennaway, University of AdelaideHPV study partnership signed between Beckman Coulter and IncellDxLiposomal sizing and the Coulter principle: an interview with Professor Melvin E. Continue reading

Anthem Blue Cross announces delay in increase of insurance rates: HHS secretary issues statement U.

Ozonoff mentioned that siblings often face similar outside influences, which could partly clarify the study’s results. The study has important implications for households who are choosing whether they’ll possess another child, stated Dr. Catherine Lord, director of the Institute for Human brain Advancement at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell INFIRMARY. She had not been mixed up in study. Kathleen Lanese of Kings Recreation area, N.Y., says having one child with autism didn’t make her think about trying to possess another child. We wanted another kid and we were likely to consider whoever we got, stated Lanese, who was simply not mixed up in study. Continue reading

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Children being exposed to more brain-harming chemicals than ever Being a kid in the 21st century is in many ways no unique of at any other amount of time in our history, in that even today, with advanced technology, there is still no way to keep them completely safe http://finasteride1canada.com/proscar-vs-avodart.html . When you think about it, technology is directly responsible for most of the things that negatively impact our children. That is especially true of many of the chemical substances they are exposed to these days – – chemicals that may, in fact, harm their brain development. Along those relative lines, and as observed by writer and writer for Period Alice Park: In recent years, the prevalence of developmental disorders such as for example autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia possess soared. Continue reading

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Wide. It is positioned on a tubular mass made of some durable silicon or plastic. This is a fun way to watch TV also to perform a light cardio exercise at the same time. This is what my partner will when she watches the news, after she has currently gone on her morning jog. There are a great number of other styles of balance boards available: there is the wobble table, the weeble boards, the tri-level wobble. Each one of these has a unique design consequently affecting different muscles to different extents. Continue reading

Charlotte Gerson article.

Charlotte Gerson, healing diabetes, ending self-sabotage on Mental Health Exposed The January 16, 2013 bout of Mental Health Uncovered features Charlotte Gerson discussing her publication, Therapeutic Diabetes the Gerson Way. At age 90, Charlotte is really as passionate and feisty as ever, not acquiring any slack from me or anyone else article . The Gerson approach to healing tumor, diabetes, arthritis and various other diseases is celebrated worldwide. On this episode, Charlotte clarifies with great simpleness and clarity how diabetes occurs and specifically what to do to bring about dramatic changes in 5-11 times using the Gerson method. Most interesting of all, Charlotte reveals the little known culprit in type 2 diabetes, the reason why insulin cannot get into the cells to lessen blood sugar, just like a plug couldn’t be inserted into a socket if there have been a steel plate blocking it. Continue reading

Chiropractor Treatment JUST HOW MUCH Does It Cost?

Even though many swear by the relief they get on going to a chiropractor. For those, who have no idea, chiropractor is someone who tries to fix various circumstances of body by putting joints and bones in their proper alignment. Speaking about the costs of chiropractor treatment; this is something which depends upon several factors. To learn, let us below have a look. Location The majority of the chiropractors in Lexington KY prefer to practice in their clinics however several do make home visits. Chiropractor treatment costs often increase with the length that a chiropractor has to travel in the event of a house visit. Of course, this is because to the fact that chiropractors do have to spend money in order to get to your home. Continue reading

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Advertising campaign buzz: Obama, Romney vie for swing voters In the backdrop, news outlets break down some of the policy specifics in enjoy relating to Medicare and other medical issues – – and how candidates’ efforts to control the debate are playing among voters. The Wall structure Street Journal: Romney Targets Obama Voters Mitt Romney is usually putting a new emphasis on visiting counties that voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, as he urges Republicans in swing claims to help him force the president’s supporters to change sides. Romney tweaks his message to charm to more centrist voters, he must cope with positions he got as he fought for the Republican nomination, such as for example his vows to defund Planned Parenthood and his plan to restructure Medicare generic levitra . Continue reading

Boehringer Ingelheim awards milestone payment to Xencor Xencor.

Boehringer Ingelheim awards milestone payment to Xencor Xencor, Inc. Today that the business received a milestone payment from Boehringer Ingelheim announced. The quantity of the milestone payment had not been disclosed.D., CEO of Xencor. ‘Our XmAb technology can be fueling Xencor’s inner pipeline, which includes many optimized antibodies for both oncology and autoimmune illnesses.’ Within its license contract, Boehringer Ingelheim in addition has exercised an choice to utilize XmAb Large ADCC technology for another discovery plan in oncology against an undisclosed focus on. Continue reading

Approval to start trial of Videregens substitute trachea technology The INSPIRE consortium.

Innovate UK's funding was an important first step towards the trial, which is crucial in transforming trachea substitute from occasional compassionate make use of to cure that could benefit thousands of patients. It also helps to expand the technology into additional indications, and the consortium is usually grateful for Innovate UK's continued support. Founded in 2011, Videregen is an SME located in Liverpool. Its traders include SPARK Effect, London Business Angels and others. To learn more please go to Related StoriesTUM experts uncover signaling pathways that play vital role in self-renewal of blood stem cellsSingle gene variation may influence obesity in children, adultsResearchers identify inherited gene variation connected with pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemiaAbout the Cell Therapy Catapult The Cell Therapy Catapult was established in 2012 while an independent centre of excellence to advance the development of the united kingdom cell and gene therapy sector, by bridging the gap between scientific analysis and full-scale commercialisation. Continue reading