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Why is the CPTP portal therefore valuable and unique is the volume and selection of the information that is collected, said Dr. Heather Bryant, Vice President of Cancer Control at the Partnership. Researchers have access to health insurance and lifestyle surveys, health end result data and actually biological samples like bloodstream and toenail clippings. This lets them approach cancers and chronic disease from new angles, assisting them dig deeper than ever before into its potential causes.Scorecard On Nation Response To Women And HIV Released VOA News examines the Scorecard on Females 2009 released by Helps Accountability International , which talks about how countries have taken care of immediately the needs of females regarding the [HIV/Helps] pandemic by using a scorecard for each country. Relating to AAI’s Executive Director Rodrigo Garay, There is definitely widespread lack of accountability and transparency in nationwide AIDS responses, meaning we do not have the information that we should about human and financial resources are being utilized and how well countries are interacting with their agreed targets for the well-being of women and girls.