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Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums MarchingUnion County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Marching

Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Plays and the NJPAC Center

Union County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Perform at the NJ PAC

Our instructor John Bradley is playing at the Metro Cup!

Congrats Johnny B!

Pipe Major Ed Donnelly

The Union County Police and Fire Pipes & Drums was formed in March, 2001.

The majority of the band is comprised of
Union County Police Officers and Fire-Fighters proud to display their Irish heritage.

The band is available for parades and your private affairs,
from a solo piper/drummer to the entire band.
Please e-mail the band for further information.



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Workers seek mental hospital safety.

Last October, a patient murdered a staffer at Napa State Hospital allegedly. Employees there demonstrated, demanding higher safety. Today, the protests have pass on to Metropolitan State Medical center near LA. Meanwhile, patients assaulted various other patients at a rate of almost seven instances a day . Atlanta Journal Constitution: Palliative Care Programs Rare In Georgia, Research Finds Georgia hospitals lag behind the country in offering palliative care and attention, a range of providers that help households and patients deal with devastating circumstances and difficult treatments. A fresh University of Georgia research discovered that 18 % of Georgia hospitals have got palliative care applications just, even though research has shown that the services can lengthen lives and reduce health care expenses. Continue reading

Amicus short filed against tobacco companies lawsuit challenging FDA tobacco regulation law Today.

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Biocept receives European patent covering antibody usage in catch of rare cells Biocept, Inc. , a molecular diagnostics business commercializing and developing liquid biopsies to boost the analysis and treatment of tumor, announces that the European Patent Workplace provides awarded the patent, ‘DEVICES AND WAYS OF CELL Catch AND ANALYSIS,november 11 ‘ as announced in the European Bulletin dated, 2015 hair loss medical method . The patent addresses the usage of antibodies in the catch of rare cells, such as for example circulating tumor cells , from blood along with other biological liquids using the company's patented microchannel catch gadget. Related StoriesViralytics enters into medical trial collaboration contract with MSDOvarian cancer sufferers with a brief history of oral contraceptive make use of possess better outcomesMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for most pancreatic cancers patientsLyle Arnold, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Biocept, stated, ‘The issuance of the patent further expands our worldwide patent portfolio to add the usage of antibodies in the catch of tumor cells in conjunction with our microchannel that multiple U.S. Continue reading

Today announced itll host its highly-anticipated second annual Transfer Middle Summit.

The event officially begins the following morning with a welcome keynote and introduction address from Vercillo entitled, ‘The State of the Industry: Central Logic’s Role in Individual Flow.’ Following Vercillo’s program, attendees are absolve to choose from any number of featured presentations, breakout sessions, and roundtable and panel discussions based on their specific regions of interest. Before, in between, and after these scheduled sessions, summit goers can network with various other professional at breakfasts, luncheons, and cocktails receptions. Attendees may also be treated to a very special Central Logic-arranged outing on Thursday night to scenic Park Town for dinner at the acclaimed Riverhorse on Main, the only restaurant in Utah to get the prestigious Mobil Travel Four-Star Award. Continue reading

26 years following health advocates named October National Breast Awareness Month.

We’ve a lot of leading edge coverage approaching over the next couple of days, including breast tumor myths debunked, what you should find out about mammograms and a step-by-step self examination instruction. MORE HEALTH Articles FROM CBS NEWS: 8 Cancer WARNING FLAG Your Doc SHOULDN’T Ignore HAVE YOU ANY IDEA What to SEARCH FOR? You Should.. Breast Cancer Recognition Month: Where We Stand Breast cancer continues to have a heavy toll about American women, 26 years following health advocates named October National Breast Awareness Month. Precisely how big a toll? In 2006, 191,410 women were identified as having breast cancer, and 40,820 women died, based on the latest figures from the Centers intended for Disease Avoidance and Control. Continue reading

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Blade pulled from mans back 3 years after stabbing YELLOWKNIFE.

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Seine-Saint-Denis CCI announce winners of initial BIOCITECH Funding Day BIOCITECH.

Conference Call Details Biosensors' management will web host an analyst conference contact at 6pm on Monday, 3 August 2015 to go over the financial outcomes and provide an upgrade on the Company's progress.. BIOCITECH, Seine-Saint-Denis CCI announce winners of initial BIOCITECH Funding Day BIOCITECH, the town complex pertaining to biotechnology and health care businesses and the Seine-Saint-Denis Chamber of Commerce and Industry , announce the three winners of the 1st BIOCITECH Financing Day today. Continue reading

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Cognitive Deficits Causes Cognitive deficits do not have an identifiable cause in many people sexual arousal caused by anxiety . However, with comprehensive evaluation, the specific cause of about a majority of cases of serious deficits can be identified. The causes of cognitive disabilities are split into prenatal generally, perinatal, and postnatal factors. Prenatal causes can include genetic abnormalities, infections, exposures to chemicals that causebirth defects, and central anxious system malformationsDown syndrome and fragile X syndrome are being among the most common genetic factors behind intellectual disability. Continue reading

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Medical device makers must alert regulators of significant adjustments to the produce of life-sustaining gadgets, like defibrillators and pacemakers. Shares of Boston Scientific plunged a lot more than 97 cents, or 12.5 %, to $6.82 in morning trading. Previously shares exchanged at a 52-week low of $6.33. Monday’s announcement was the most recent in a string of complications for Boston Scientific’s defibrillator business, that was obtained through the 2006 buyout of Guidant for a hefty $27 billion price. That same year the business received a uncommon corporate-wide caution letter from the FDA, which temporarily halted authorization of most new products. Over the next 2 yrs the ongoing company issued multiple protection recalls on its devices. Continue reading

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